Technology and how it can affect design and construction are clearly present concerns for ENR's readership. To gather our expanding coverage in one place, we have launched a twice-monthly e-mail newsletter designed to deliver insights, news, how-to's, links and more. Everything from gadget reviews to complex tech issues are explored in each FutureTech issue.

NEWSLETTER DEBUTS First issue hit inboxesJune 14, next issue will be delivered June 28.

“More firms are getting smarter about how they use technology and social media to serve their clients and cut costs,” says Erin Joyce, ENR's managing editor, integrated media. Coming to ENR last fall, Joyce has a deep background in online publishing and e-newsletters.

With support from Midwest Bureau Chief Tudor Van Hampton, stories from Technology Editor Tom Sawyer and help from our tech team, Joyce launched the first FutureTech on June 14. The content covers what's happening now, what's coming over the horizon and what these major trends mean for each sector—A/E/C and owners.

“We're also engaging voices from leading firms to tell readers about their experiences with tech adoption, such as GPS on jobsites, BIM-in-the-cloud and 3D modeling. We're delivering content—curated and ENR-created—to help readers make better-informed technology-use decisions,” Joyce says.

The name “FutureTech” should sound familiar: It was the name of ENR's popular technology conference held in April. The FutureTech brand will extend to other ENR technology products as well as a second conference in December.

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