Thanks for the great article on Lean and IPD (ENR 6/15 p. 8). It’s very helpful for the design and construction community to have a thoughtful piece for discussion. You did a fine job of capturing the state of play and challenges and opportunities that IPD affords. We believe that more collaborative models of project delivery are going to enhance owner and supply-chain satisfaction and increase positive outcomes on projects over time.

Dan C. Heinemeier, CAE, Executive Director, Lean Construction Institute, Arlington, Va.

I wanted to commend you on an excellent article on IPD. Your work is well researched and very well written! I am in total agreement with paradigm shifts, noted in your article, needed to achieve the objectives of IPD. Your suggestion about the need for a networked team organization is a very valuable one and is strongly echoed by General McChrystal’s book, “Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World.”

Dilip Choudhuri, P.E., President and CEO, Walter P Moore, Houston