Richard G. Weingardt, 75, a structural engineer who, as a practitioner, author and industry association president, was a vocal advocate for stronger engineering leadership in government and business, died on Sept. 24 in Denver. The cause of death was complications of cancer, says his wife and business partner, Evelyn S. Weingardt.

"The lower we are moved down the food chain from leadership roles ... the easier [it is] to use 'low bid' to select us," Richard Weingardt said in 1995 as president of the predecessor of the American Council of Engineering Cos.

In 1966, he founded Richard Weingardt Consultants, whose structural-design credits include three concourses at Denver International Airport. He was CEO at his death.

A prolific writer, Weingardt's books focused on engineering's future and profiles of legendary practitioners, such as steel pioneer George Ferris.

Weingardt "was a great champion of engineers becoming leaders in society and more vocal in public policy," says David Raymond, CEO of ACEC. "He said the first thing they needed to do was 'show up and be counted.' "