Timothy L. “Timmy” McLaughlin was about to step down June 30 as this year’s president of the American Subcontractors Association Inc., (ASA), but his term came to a more abrupt end when he suffered a fatal heart attack on June 9 in Charleston, S.C. He was 62.

Timmy McLaughlin

McLaughlin, active in the Alexandria, Va.-based specialty contractors advovcacy group for more than 20 years, also was general manager of Austin Construction Co. Inc., a site and utility contractor in Summerville, S.C.

Immediately succeeding him is Kerrick Whisenant, ASA president-elect, who was to have assumed the 4,500-member group’s top role on July 1. He also is pre-construction director of Cornerstone Detention Products Inc., a Tanner, Ala., detention equipment and security electronics firm.

McLaughlin formerly served as president of the Lancaster, S.C.-based ASA of the Carolinas and represented it on the Specialty Trade Association Council, a coalition of specialty trade associations seeking legislative reform in North Carolina and South Carolina. At the national level, McLaughlin served on ASA’s bylaws committee and its task forces on bidding procedures, payment and membership marketing. He was elected to ASA’s board in 2004.

McLaughlin also served on the board of the Coastal Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

“Without a doubt, Timmy will be sorely missed,” says Whisenant. “He led ASA with a passion for our mission and a heart for our cause.”

For more details, contact ASA of the Carolinas at 877-285-3356 or asac@asacarolinas.com or check its website, http://www.asacarolinas.com/.