Shortly after the Senate passed the $60.4-billion package, which is modeled after the president’s proposal, the House Appropriations Committee unveiled its version, which essentially split the Senate-approved measure in two. The first part, totaling $27 billion, would provide emergency relief to victims of the storm and funds for near-term repairs.

It would halve the Senate bill’s allocation to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to strengthen public transit and highway infrastructure in Sandy-battered states, to $5.4 billion. It also would provide $1.35 billion to the Army Corps of Engineers for recovery projects, compared with $5.3 billion in the Senate-passed bill.

The second bill, totaling $33 billion, would cover longer-term rebuilding and storm defenses. After meeting with Boehner, Frelinghuysen and King said the House will vote on that measure and also on the shorter-term bill on Jan. 15.