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Alex Salcedo

Alex Salcedo 
Area Manager

With a strong construction market, Fresno area contractors have been seeing increased competition. “It’s not unusual to have several bidders on most public works projects. With the weather impacts of last winter and current rain totals, there has been a greater need for emergency repair work and work to maintain rural roads,” Salcedo says. “But even in a competitive environment, inflation is having an impact on project delivery. Prices have been steadily rising, and we have seen multiple projects come in higher than the engineer’s estimate, forcing those projects back into a redesign and rebid process.” 

Private development work, housing and warehouses show continued strength as well. Salcedo notes the Highway 99 corridor between Chowchilla and Tulare continues to add warehouse capacity and there are no signs of slowdowns for master-planned communities and subdivisions. 

“Developers appear to be confident that the region will continue to attract new residents in search of more affordable housing options and relative proximity to Kings Canyon, Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks,” he says.