Cabot, Cabot & Forbes is planning to develop the Quannapowitt residential complex on a 24-acre site bordering Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield. An existing 220,000-sq-ft building known as the American Mutual Building will be demolished, and three residential buildings will be erected. Building 1 will be three stories and contain 87 units. Building 2 will also be three stories and have 94 residential units, and Building 3 will be four stories and have 304 residential units. There will be 532 garage parking spaces, a 3,400-sq-ft restaurant and an 18,200-sq-ft amenity space. It is being designed by Cube 3 Studio, and Callahan Construction Managers has been selected as the general contractor. The project is valued at $175 million. Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, 185 Dartmouth St., Boston, 02116. DR#20-00582721.


The Minnesota Dept. of Transportation has selected C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc. as the design-builder to carry out an Interstate 494 improvement project in South St. Paul. The project entails adding a turbine interchange at the intersection of Interstate 494 and Interstate 35W; adding E-ZPass lanes in both directions between U.S. Route 169 and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, and access changes between Lyndale Avenue and 24th Avenue. The project is valued at $320 million. C.S. McCrossan Construction, Inc., 7865 Jefferson Highway, Maple Grove, 55369. DR#20-00749892.


The Gardner-Tannenbaum Development Group is planning to convert two existing office buildings in downtown Oklahoma City into the Harlow, a mixed-use complex. The 10-story, 101,000-sq-ft Tradesmen National Bank building was built in 1921, and the 12-story, 101,000-sq-ft Medical Arts building was built in 1924. The Harlow will contain 265 units and 4,300 sq ft of restaurant and retail space. The project will also involve reopening the underground pedestrian tunnels between the Medical Arts building and the First National Center. The complex is being designed by Tradesman Architectural Studios. The project is valued at $60 million. Construction is expected to start in September 2023 and be completed by March 2024. Gardner-Tannenbaum Development Group, 211 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City, 73102. DR#22-00864113.


Partners Real Estate and Scarborough Lane Development are planning to develop the AXIS Logistics Park Mega Industrial Park in San Marcos. The 2,000-acre industrial park will offer space for lease or build-to-suit tenants. It will include water and wastewater infrastructure, a 600-MW electrical substation and a 356-kv transmission line adjacent to the site. The project is valued at between $200 million and $250 million. Partners Real Estate, 1360 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, 77056. DR#23-00187561.


Bids, Contracts, Proposals


Westinghouse Government Services LLC has begun decommissioning the deactivated SM-1A nuclear power plant at Fort Greely, under a $103-million contract. The 20.2-MW thermal pressurized water reactor was constructed and activated in 1962 and served as a prototype for stationary medium-power plants. It was designed to be used as an “inservice” test facility for reactors in an Arctic environment. The secondary purpose was to study the economics of operating a nuclear plant compared to conventional oil-fired systems in a remote area where fuel costs were high and supply lines unusually long. It was shut down in 1972. The project entails dismantling and disposal of materials and documenting the necessary post-decommissioning radiological surveys to demonstrate that all affected areas of Fort Greely are suitable for unrestricted release. The work began in December 2022 and is expected to be completed by July 2028. Westinghouse Government Services LLC, 5801 Bluff Road, Hopkins, S.C., 29061. DR#22-00491659.


Bid, Proposal Dates


6/12 Brinkmann Constructors is seeking subcontractor bidders to carry out the construction of the Boise Armory multifamily development. The project entails building two 4-story buildings totaling approximately 333,000 sq ft, and containing 194 apartments and a two-story parking garage, as well as a pool. In addition, the development will include two wood-framed townhome buildings containing 11 units. It has been designed by Method Studio Inc. Construction is expected to start in July 2023 and be completed by July 2025. The project is valued at between $25 million and $50 million. Brinkmann Constructors, 3800 Lewiston St., Aurora, Colo., 80011. DR#22-00477502.


6/15 The City of Grand Ledge is seeking bidders to carry out an expansion to its wastewater treatment plant. The project entails collection system modifications upstream from the West River Pump Station to allow excess flow to be directed to the influent wastewater storage tank; installation of wet weather pumps in the West River Pump Station; and installation of a wet weather force main and gravity sewer from the West River Pump Station to the influent wastewater storage tank. The project also calls for installation of an influent wastewater storage tank with flushing system and controlled discharge to existing headworks; influent screen replacement; grit removal system replacement; conversion of the existing aerated grit tank into a lift station; and construction of a filter building to house filters, pumps, grit equipment and blowers. The project has been designed by Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber. The project is valued at $35 million. City of Grand Ledge, 310 Greenwood St., Grand Ledge, 48837. DR#22-00809745.