The 2022 midterm election is set to have a significant effect on the industry—with billions of dollars in construction-related bonds, as well as other ballot initiatives enacted, and with dust settling on changed or sustained state leadership, and, critically, on control of Congress and a 2023 agenda that still is unclear.

ENR has compiled its coverage of the 2022 midterm elections here, for readers' convenience.

Senate, House Majorities Unclear, But Signals Seen for New Congress

Party control of the Senate and the Congress are still open questions in the days after Election Day. Industry issues from clean energy to the FAA reauthorization bill remain up in the air for the 2023 congressional agenda.


State Leadership Voting Could Reshape Some Project Dynamics

Midterm election results in state leadership could affect project outcomes, plans and financing as new administrations take hold and re-elected incumbents seek to sustain infrastructure strategies.


Voters OK 88% of Transport Funding Ballot Measures, Report ARTBA, APTA

Voters around the country approved 88% of the 380 state and local transportation funding measures on the ballots Nov. 8, producing an estimated $19.6 billion in one-time and recurring revenue for infrastructure projects, says the American Road & Transportation Builders Association


California Voters OK Billions in Transportation Measures, Housing and School Bonds

Measures aimed at bolstering California's infrastructure, schools and affordable housing proved popular with state voters on Nov. 8, with more than $15 billion in bond measures for school district projects alone on the ballot, but Californians did not approve a statewide initiative for a tax on high-income residents to fund the transition to zero-emission vehicles.


Bonds Win Big, Special Taxes Lose at Southeastern Ballot Boxes

While many vote tallies were tight in Southeast states for elected representatives, voters in three states made other choices: hundreds of millions toward construction bonds and other issues from museums to transportation. 


RI, Mass., Vt. Public School Building Ballot Measures Expected to Pass

Voters cast their support in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont for ballot measures that include support for school renovations.


Baltimore Bond Proposals Win Big at the Ballot Box

Voters in Baltimore overwhelmingly approved four general-obligation bond measures totaling $164 million, guaranteeing funding for facilities and infrastructure programs for the next two fiscal years.


New York State Voters Approve $4.2B Green Infrastructure Bond Measure

In a move that is expected to give a lift to construction in New York state, voters by a wide margin passed a $4.2-billion statewide bond measure that would fund a range of environmental infrastructure projects.


Illinois Right-to-Organize Measure Passes

Illinois voters endorsed a ballot measure to amend the state constitution to codify the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively.


Political Donations Ramp Up in Tight Midterm Election Season

Political contributions to candidates reached record highs this year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, as construction industry contributors, including corporate donors and unions, saw their donations spike significantly compared to the 2018 midterm election.