Aurubis AG plans to build an electronic scrap recycling and copper smelter on a 150-acre site at Augusta Corporate Park in Augusta. Project scope includes design and construction of building space and equipment foundations; installation of a smelter, a fines injector, a combustion chamber, an air quench tower, an active-carbon injection system, a wet scrubber and a top-blown rotary converter; and purchase and installation of scrap receiving, sorting and handling equipment, and overhead cranes. The plant will process 90,000 metric tons of circuit boards, copper cable and other e-scrap per year to produce 35,000 metric tons of blister copper per year. SMS group GmbH has been selected to provide process technology and major equipment for the project. Construction is set to begin in mid-2022. The estimated EPC cost is $347 million. Aurubis AG, Hovestrasse 50, Hamburg, Germany. IR#GA211107.


Sweetwater Energy Inc. is planning to construct a cellulose and lignin processing plant adjacent to Gevo Inc.’s ethanol and isobutanol plant in Luverne. The project’s scope includes design and construction of equipment foundations; purchase and erection of structural steel; and the purchase and installation of a pretreatment system, process vessels, distillation columns, and conveyors. The plant will utilize proprietary technology to process lignocellulosic biomass to into products for use in packaging, resins, and other applications, and will also provide the Gevo plant with 30,000 tons of biomass-derived cellulosic sugars per year. Construction is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022, following the finalization of the contract with Gevo. The estimated EPC cost is $50 million. Sweetwater Energy Inc., 2400 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, N.Y., 14615. IR#MN211105.


Whirlpool Corp. plans to expand its household appliance manufacturing plant in Ottawa. Project scope includes design and construction of a building expansion; purchase and installation of conveyors; and fabrication, welding, machining, finishing, assembly and testing of packaging equipment. Construction is set  to begin mid-2022. The expansion will be used to produce built-in refrigerators and other refrigeration products. Whirlpool currently produces freezers, under-counter ice makers and hybrid heat-pump bases for ventless dryers at the plant. Estimated EPC cost is $65 million. Whirlpool Corp., 2000 N M-63, Benton Harbor, Mich., 49022. IR#OH211124.