• Two new major ports will be established in Sagar, West Bengal, and in Andhra Pradesh to add 100 million tonnes of capacity.

• A new outer harbor is to be developed at Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu, through a public-private partnership with India's waterways agency.

• Lawmakers are to move forward a bill to declare the Lakhipur-Bhanga stretch of river Barak in Assam as the sixth national waterway.

• Preparatory work is expected to proceed to build a grid connecting waterways, roads and ports.

Oil and Gas

• Lawmakers are to develop a national policy to encourage exploration and production of shale gas.

• A 5-million-tonne-per-year LNG terminal in Dabhol, Maharashtra, is to be fully operational in 2013-14.


• Guidelines regarding financial restructuring of power distribution firms have been announced.