The U.S. State Dept. has selected Caddell Construction Co. LLC, headquartered in Montgomery, Ala., to construct a new U.S. consulate compound in Milan.

The contract award, which the department's Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, or OBO, formally announced on Oct. 14, has a total value of $209.9 million, according to the federal contract database

The Milan project award follows two other OBO projects announced in recent weeks, a new consulate compound in Lagos, Nigeria; and a new embassy in Doha, Qatar. Both of those projects will use a design-build approach, but the Milan project is design-bid-build.

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The design firm for the Milan facility is SHoP Architects, which is based in New York City. The design firm's selection was announced in September 2018.

The State Dept. said that it is aiming for a Gold LEED certification for the Milan project. According to an OBO solicitation in, a new consulate office building—the largest facility covered by the contract—will be approximately 72,279 sq ft.

The consulate will be on a campus of about 10 acres and "will provide a secure, sustainable and resilient platform for U.S. diplomacy in Milan and across northern Italy," OBO said.

Besides the new office building, the project includes restoring the historic Liberty Building on the site. That facility will allow for expanded services at the consulate and "space for public engagement," OBO said.

According to, the Milan contract award notice was published on Oct. 7 and the award date was Sept. 27.

OBO said that since 1999, when its Capital Security Construction Program was launched, it has completed 168 new embassies and other diplomatic buildings. The bureau added that it also has more than 50 other projects in design or under construction.