Ocean Towers LP has hired Controlled Demolition Inc. to raze its incomplete condominium tower on South Padre Island, which is plagued by 14 in. of differential vertical subsidence between the post-tensioned, low-rise parking garage attached to the tower. According to the owner, the tower’s weight caused a layer of expandable clay under an upper sand layer to compress. Settlement followed, causing damage to the garage at the connection to the tower. The developer stopped construction last year, when the frame was topped out and half clad. The building, designed by Walker & Perez Architects with construction managed by Zachry’s Coastal Constructors Southwest Ventures, bears on auger-cast, pressure-grouted piles in the sand layer. Litigation is pending against geotechnical consultant Raba-Kistner, which stands behind its work, says its lawyer, and structural consultant Datum Engineers. Datum’s lawyer could not be reached. Demolition is expected in mid-November.

Developer Elects to ‘Implode’ 31-Story Tower in Texas
Photo: Controled Demolition Inc.