From the hundreds of thousands of page views on, we know readers are on a quest to understand the rapidly changing situations they face during the COVID-19 emergency. One reader, Doug Storer, a build-tech innovator, emailed us: “Throughout my 30-year construction career, ENR has been a guiding light through good times and bad.”

That is our goal. We want to be part of the answer. Our editors around the country, many of whom work from home offices anyway, rolled into action  (juggling kids, cats and computers) to rev up our daily news coverage about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global construction industry. We’ve been posting the news as we report it—more than 70 stories over the past two weeks, which has attracted four times the article views that we are accustomed to seeing.

We launched a COVID-19 and Construction newsletter that aggregates our free web stories on the topic. Visitors who sign up for it can access those articles and share the newsletter with employees, colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers.

We rescheduled our Newsmaker Awards luncheon, Award of Excellence Gala and Best of the Best Projects Awards Breakfast for Aug. 4-5 in New York City. Groundbreaking Women in Construction is now planned for Aug. 24-25, and FutureTech is planned for Oct. 14-16—both of which will be in San Francisco.

We also want to remind ENR print subscribers that whenever you are away from your delivery location—working at home in an emergency or on future travel—the latest curated issue in magazine format is available digitally on, along with an archive of digital editions going back to 2016. The digital editions are under the “More” tab on the navigation bar.

By Janice L. Tuchman