Material Processor: Cleans Sand and Gravel

First unveiled at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show, held March 10-13 in Las Vegas, the Combo X900 is a wet-processing system that can handle up to 500 tons per hour. When processing material such as sand and gravel, the Combo X900 can readily remove unwanted clay, silt and organic contaminants. The water tank has been integrated into the overall design rather than being a stand-alone unit, reducing the overall footprint. The system is also more efficient than earlier models, using only 800 gallons per minute of water to wash 500 tons per hour of material. CDE; 

Modular Formwork: Infrastructure Focused

The PERI booth at CONEXPO featured the formwork maker’s new heavy duty column system as well as its modular dance floor system for bridge piers. The column system allows for corner ties to be spaced 2 ft apart, with no impact wrench needed for removal. The modular dance floor system is designed for rebar and post-tensioning tasks as well as concrete placement and any other tasks that need to be performed on bridge pier caps. The length of modular beams can be adjusted, allowing for reuse. PERI;

Track Drill Rig: Remote Control

Launched at the CONEXPO 2020 show, the LSGT+HDA is a remote-controlled track drill designed for soil sampling and geotechnical applications. The tracked machine has a ground pressure of only 3.8 psi, making it well-suited for working in environmentally sensitive areas. The height of each corner of the machine can be adjusted, ensuring it is level during drilling on uneven ground. The drill comes with a 140-lb automatic hammer and is able to collect samples down to 100 ft. Lone Star Drills;

Pipe Extractor: Trenchless Gas Line Replacement

Seen first at CONEXPO, the SLX1300 trenchless pipe extraction system can be used to replace coated and bare-steel gas service lines from 1⁄2 in. to 11⁄4 in. in diameter at lengths up to 100 ft. The system is hydraulically driven and offers up to 13.3 tons of pulling force. By pulling new HDPE or MDPE pipe into the same path as the old pipe, the SLX1300 saves time and avoids disrupting ground conditions. It features on-board shears to cut up the extracted pipe as it is removed. The entire unit can function within a 4-ft by 4-ft working pit and is small and light enough to be transported in the back of a pickup truck. Hammerhead Trenchless;

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