Architects and engineers buying or renewing insurance coverage in 2020 are likely to be charged modestly higher premiums, according to broker Ames & Gough’s annual survey.

The survey questions on premium growth were answered by 12 insurers. The survey involved 15 insurers overall.

Most were seeking increases of up to 5%, with the rest intending to raise rates 6% to 10%.

The three top reasons for the increases in 2019 were new policies written, increased billings and clients opting for higher limits. But insurers also reported higher losses and higher risk in the services provided.

“Claims activity is clearly on the rise,” Ames & Gough reported, adding that the severity, frequency and expense associated with the claims rose also.

The insurers overwhelmingly reported that structural engineers had the highest claims, followed by architecture and mechanical and electrical engineering firms.

“After a decade in which [professional liability insurance] pricing has been driven down substantially, a correction is needed,” Jim Schwartz, a group leader for U.S. policies for underwriter Beazley Group, told Ames & Gough.