Wusong Wastewater Plant Upgrade - Botanical Garden
Wusong, Shanghai, China
Award of Merit

Owner Shanghai Chengtou Group
Design Firm Shanghai Urban Construction and Design Research Institute
Contractor & Engineer Organica Water

The innovative upgrade of the Wusong wastewater treatment plant to meet new standards allowed it to avoid an expensive move outside the city. The project also created a 40,000-cu-meter-per-day capacity facility with an indoor botanic garden that offers added functionality and has made the plant a new city landmark. With design and construction split between Hungary and Shanghai, virtual collaboration in real time was critical; proprietary BIM software enabled teams to work as a complete unit, says the submitter. Building a new geodome over primary clarifiers challenged the Wusong team since the structure needed support from outside columns that had to be aesthetically pleasing and constructed in situ. For added safety, harnesses were required and a safety net covered the entire geodome building site. Facility plantings provide a habitat for microorganisms used in the treatment process. The project was completed on time in July 2018. Organica Water says the Wusong design has gained popularity as an urban wastewater treatment solution. It built an 80,000-cu-m-per day facility in Budapest and, with partners, plants in Moscow and Kolkata, India. In June, the firm won a contract for three greenfield facilities in Prayagraj City in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. According to Organica, India could become the world’s largest wastewater treatment market, with current facilities now serving only 10% of its 1-billion population.

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