Jan. 31 is the last day to submit proposals to present at ENR’s annual FutureTech conference in June. After the submissions period ends, the conference planning team will analyze the proposals for the emerging trends shaping the construction world in the years to come.

The call for proposals is the engine that conference planners use to make sure the content of the event—which will take place June 3-5 in San Francisco—genuinely reflects what technology thought and action leaders in the industry are betting will drive positive change in the years ahead.

The ENR FutureTech conference is respected because its agenda is based not on what vendors are most eager to sell, but on what construction practitioners most sincerely want, and what they are actively putting their time and energy into nurturing.

The call for submissions stresses the conference mission—to inform and inspire by showcasing the technology-based innovations emerging, or soon to emerge in design and construction. It appeals to industry practitioners, such as architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, craft workers and owners, to come together to talk about the inventions and innovations they are trialing and testing to improve their work, and that soon will be ready for general use.

We ask the people who are creating it, to show us the future of construction.

Our goal is to give the podium to construction professionals who are beta testers and product trial partners of software developers and inventors, and who are working to ensure those innovations not only are field tested and work, but that they also provide real value to improve creation of the built world.

We are down to the final two weeks for the submission of proposals.

The process is simple. It asks submitters concisely to say what they are working on, tell us who will come to the podium and explain to 600 of their peers why they think their innovation will improve the industry. We look for data that demonstrates early results.

Next month, the conference planning team will study the proposals to find patterns in the needs, desires and energy of innovation emerging from inside the industry. Once we find patterns, we will work with selected presenters to develop a program that will showcase the future of construction technology.

Help ENR FutureTech show your peers what you believe the future of construction looks like by submitting your proposal to present by Jan. 31.

Tom Sawyer is ENR Deputy Editor and FutureTech Content Director