Welding Helmet: Automatic Shading Controls

The crystal 2.0 welding helmet features automatic shading controls to adapt to brightness of the welding arc. When operating in its “light” state, the helmet allows for 31% visible light transmission with a broad visible color spectrum. When using the helmet in “dark” mode during work it provides a high-contrast view of the welding pool. The sensitivity controls and sensors can be adjusted to suit the user, and the adjustable headband is designed to reduce strain from the helmet on the wearer’s shoulders and neck. optrel AG; www.optrel.com

Pavement Drying: Heating Unit Speeds Work

The RD-1200XT pavement dryer is able to quickly dry asphalt or concrete pavement so work crews can apply surface treatments or striping in a single pass. The unit can blow 300° F air directly downward through multiple nozzles without creating debris, allowing it to be used next to active traffic lanes. The unit’s drying width can be adjusted from 8 ft. to 12 ft. as needed and can be used on roads or runways without additional cleanup crews. The RD-1200XT can also be used in road-paving operations to dry the road after a milling machine makes a pass, reducing paving times. RoadDryer; www.roaddryer.com

Boom Lift Safety: Safety Feature Made Standard

JLG has announced that the Skyguard Skyline safety cutoff is now available as a standard feature on its line of boom lifts. The system consists of a wire rope bolted to one side of the platform with a magnetic connection on the other side. If the operator contacts the cable and the magnet detaches, the system automatically halts all boom functions and then reverses the last movements of the boom. This anti-entrapment feature is designed to improve safety when operating the boom in enclosed or crowded spaces where an operator may not be able to reach the controls during an incident. JLG Industries; www.jlg.com

Laser Scanner: Able To Capture Complex Wall Systems

The GLS-2000 laser scanner is available in three models for short-, medium- and long-range scanning. The scanner can complete full 360° scans in less than three minutes. It features a “Close High Power” function that allows it to capture details of pipes, HVAC and other highly metallic objects. This ability makes it well suited for high-rise and vertical construction applications, according to the manufacturer. The scanner also has automatic temperature adjustment to maintain proper calibration throughout the work day. Topcon Positioning Systems; www.topconpositioning.co

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