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Dan RogersDan Rogers
Blach Construction

“The growth in San Jose over the last few years has been explosive, and we don’t anticipate it slowing down,” Rogers says.

Deal flow across all markets, particularly those relative to institutional projects, has been very strong. “At the same time, however, we’re contending with significant cost escalation and a lack of skilled labor,” he says.

San Jose’s strong market and the increased volume of work is prompting firms like Blach to strategically evaluate the projects they undertake, Rogers says.

Firm in Focus

Salas O’Brien
305 South 11th St., San Jose
CEO: Darin Anderson
Employees: 300
Founded: 1975
What’s new: Recent projects include San Jose McEnery Convention Center renovations, San Jose State University’s utility master plan and a 500-kW fuel cell system in Fresno.