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Mark WillisMark Willis
Stantec Louisville

“There is a tremendous amount of building going on in downtown Louisville,” Willis says. “With the convention center and two major hotels under construction, there’s a lot of cranes on the skyline.” He adds: “The Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District updated its facilities plan and has a long-range program for improvements after their consent decree. Down the road, Ford announced it will invest $1 billion into an expansion of an existing manufacturing plant here to bring back some production from Mexico. There’s a lot going on.”

Firm in Focus

Stantec Louisville
10509 Timberwood Circle, Louisville
CEO: Robert Gomes
Employees: 96
Founded: 1954
What’s New:  Louisville has asked Stantec to undertake a greenhouse gas inventory, target and reduction plan for the city. Stantec personnel from the U.S. and Canada will take part.