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John MegibbenJohn Megibben
Vice President, Louisville Region
Messer Construction Co.

“The state of Kentucky, out of the general fund, has always been the primary financier for our higher education projects,” Megibben says. “Frankly, the budget challenges that have existed in Frankfort over the last more than 10 years have really diminished Frankfort’s ability to fund projects the way they used to. A lot of the universities have pivoted to doing some development deals around housing and food service. Going forward, it’s not really clear ... how they can continue to build their infrastructure.”

Firm in Focus

Messer Construction Co.
643 W. Court Street, Cincinnati
CEO: Thomas Keckeis
Employees: 900
Founded: 1932
Soccer: Messer is at the midway point of building a $65-million Louisville City FC Stadium. It will be home to Major League Soccer’s Louisville City FC when the facility opens in spring 2020.