SAW Blade: Thinner Plate for Faster Cuts

DEWALT has updated its line of construction saw blades. The yellow rim has been removed from the blades, making it easier to inspect the sharpness of the blade’s carbide teeth. The 71⁄4-in. blades also now feature a thinner plate design for faster cuts in material that doesn’t require much force. The new thin-plate design is the same as found on the manufacturer’s precision saw blades. DEWALT;

Off-Road Truck Chassis: Durable Design

Acela Truck has recently expanded distribution of its Monterra line of extreme-duty truck chassis in North America. Available in 4x4 and 6x6 variants, the trucks are designed for off-road applications including remote construction, oil and gas production, and mining. All-wheel drive and 46-in. tires are standard features, and it boasts a 22-in. ground clearance. Able to work over-the-road without modification, the chassis is powered by a 330-hp Cat 7.2L diesel engine. Acela Truck Co.;

Portable Generator: Improved Power Delivery

The Cat RP12000 E portable generator is capable of delivering up to 12kW of power. The generator has a larger frame than earlier models, and features a 670cc V-twin engine. The generator has an 11-hour runtime when operating at 50% load, and also features a low-power idle mode to conserve fuel. In addition to standard power outlets, the generator also has a 50A 240V outlet for powering heavy-duty power tools. The frame is constructed of durable 35-mm steel tubing. Caterpillar;

Pneumatic Cap Nailer: Lightweight Tool

The Stinger CN1000 pneumatic cap nailer is designed for securing underlayments and housewrap in roofing construction. The tool automatically applies a 1-in. plastic cap to the nail head, reducing the chance of moisture penetration. The caps can also reduce damage to the underlayment from snags and reduce tripping hazards when working on steep-slope roofs. The nailer weighs 1.9 lb and can fire up to three nails per second. A tool-free depth-adjustment gauge allows for quick changes to nail depth. The tool can hold 200 nails and 200 caps at a time. National Nail;