Circular Saw: Left-Sided Blade

The left-blade SIDEWINDER circular saw has the blade on the left side of the handle, improving visibility of the cut line. It accepts 71⁄4-in. blades and has a 56° bevel capacity. It has a cut depth of 17⁄8 in. at 45° and 27⁄16 in. at 90°. The saw’s all-magnesium frame contributes to its light 8.95-lb weight. A soft, ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue, while worm-drive style guards direct dust away from the user. Skilsaw; 

Welding Helmet: Redesigned Profile

The Speedglas 9002NC welding helmet features improved exhaust vents to reduce visor fogging and improved optics for a clearer view of the weld puddle. The helmet has been redesigned for a sleeker profile, allowing for better maneuverability in tight spaces. The helmet is only 9.29 in. wide and weighs less than 1.1 lb. The 9002NC’s suspension ratchet is designed to be easily tightened while wearing heavy gloves. 3M;

Roadway Recycle Trailer: High Production

The RT-500 mobile recycle trailer is designed to work with a Roadtec RX-900 milling machine for cold-in-place recycling. This production train allows for repairs to be made to a roadway in a single pass. The RT-500 is able to process up to 500 tons per hour and can reuse up to 100% of the existing material. The 5-in. by 14-in. low-profile screen has fully adjustable amplitude and frequency, and all reclaimed material feeds into the 48-in.-dia., twin-shaft pugmill mixer. A computer-controlled additive system can monitor up to three additives, depending on the mix formula. Roadtec;

All-Terrain Crane: Improved Lift Chart

The Demag AC 100-4L all-terrain crane is a 100-ton-class crane that boasts an improved lift chart at steep main-boom angles. The four-axle crane has a standard truck width of 8.4 ft and shares many of the same designs and maintenance procedures as five-axle Demag cranes. The lift chart has been redesigned to adjust to the slewing angle of the crane, improving performance in more stable lifting positions. The crane’s main boom is 194.9 ft, with a total system length of 228 ft. Despite this boom length, the crane is able to travel on four axles while adhering to the 12-tons-per-axle limit in the U.S. Terex Cranes;

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