Processor Bucket: New Drum Assembly

The ALLU TS processor bucket is now available with customizable drum assemblies suited for different materials-processing tasks. The blade position can be adjusted to produce different sizes of material. The design of the bucket allows it to be used with wet and dry materials without clogging. Available in seven different models, the TS bucket can be fitted to 17.6-ton to 49.6-ton excavators and 7.7-ton to 33-ton wheel loaders. ALLU Group; 

Fastener: Gas-Actuated—No Battery Required

The GX 3 gas-actuated fastener can hold up to 40 nails between 1⁄2 in. and 11⁄2 in. Requiring no external power source or battery, the GX 3 can drive up to 900 nails on a single Hilti GC 41 gas canister. The fastener is well suited for attaching tracks to steel or concrete and wire mesh for lath or plaster, as well as in waterproofing applications. Compared to the earlier GX 120 model fastener, the GX 3 boasts better performance in cold weather, smoother piston operation and an improved rail mechanism, reducing nail jams. Hilti;

Fall-Protection Harness: More Comfortable Design

The Journeyman FLEX full-body safety harness is available in both a durable steel and lightweight aluminum models. Quick-connect buckles on the harness display green when they are properly fastened, and adjustments can be made to the harness with one hand. The webbing and padding of the harness is designed to prevent moisture buildup for user comfort. The harness’s D-ring is positioned to reduce interference with a tool belt and worker movement. FallTech;


Recip Saw Blades: Designed for Snap Off and Reuse

BREAKAWAY reciprocating saw blades can be reused after a worn section of the saw blade has been snapped off; this second use increases the life of the blade. The saw blades are available in two sizes: 6-in. blades that break into 4-in. blades and 9-in. blades that break into 6-in. blades. The blades are designed for cutting materials such as galvanized pipe, copper pipe, conduit and metal studs. The blades are 0.042 in. thick and feature a variable tooth pattern to optimize performance in tough materials. DEWALT;

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