Satellite Affordable Housing Associates is planning to build the Soscol Avenue affordable housing development in Napa. The three-story, 49-unit complex will be located at 2951 Soscol Ave. The project is being designed by the Dahlin Group. The project cost has been estimated at $22 million. Satellite Affordable Housing Associates, Attn: Eve Stewart, Director of Housing Services, 1521 University Ave., Berkeley, 94703. DR#16-00678755.


Bradville Inc./Evergreen Management is planning to build the Iron Point Retirement Community on a 4.68-acre site at the intersection of Iron Point Road and Broadstone in Folsom. The three-story, 132,904-sq-ft building will contain 126 independent living and assisted living units, an outdoor swimming pool and a 29,123-sq-ft parking garage. Design is by Gaylen Howard Laing Architect Inc. The project is valued at between $15 million and $25 million. Bradville Inc./Evergreen Management, Attn: Daniel Cole, 2295 Gateway Oaks Dr., Sacramento, 95833. DR#15-00663752.

San Diego

Forge Land Co. LLC is planning to develop a residential complex with an automated parking garage at the intersection of West Beech Street and India Street in San Diego. It will consist of two 28-story buildings, containing 150 apartments and 155 parking spaces located in an “erector-set” configuration inside the first three floors. Cars will be lifted into cage-like units, thus saving height and circulation space. The design is by Kwan Henmi Architecture & Planning Inc., and the cost is estimated at $60 million. Forge Land Co. LLC, 260 Townsend St., San Francisco, 94107. DR#16-00700641.

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