The Blue Ribbon committee recommends placing the responsibility of nuclear waste in the hands of a new agency outside of the Dept. of Energy, which currently handles the program.

The committee also determined that a deep geologic waste site is a necessity for nuclear waste disposal:  “The conclusion that disposal is needed and that deep geologic disposal is the scientifically preferred  approach has been reached by every expert panel that has looked at the issue and by every other  country that is pursuing a nuclear waste management program.  Moreover, all spent fuel reprocessing  or recycle options either already available or under active development at this time still generate waste streams that require a permanent disposal solution.  We believe permanent disposal will very likely also  be needed to safely manage at least some portion of the commercial spent fuel inventory. “

The committee says that interim storage sites are necessary to hold spent nuclear fuel from facilities that have been shut down.

The committee will take public comment on its report through Oct. 31.