Stormwater Basin and Treatment Wetlands Enhancement


Owner City of Torrance
Lead Designer, Civil Engineer CWE
Contractor Environmental Construction Inc.
MEP Engineer JC Chang and Associates
Landscape Architect AHBE Landscape Architects
Geotechnical Construction Testing and Engineering Inc.

The $3.7-million project was developed to reduce bacteria levels in the city of Torrance’s Herondo Drain by improving water quality in three stormwater basins. Two treatment wetlands and two infiltration basins were designed to infiltrate, retain and treat runoff, with the aim being to address various total maximum daily loads limits in the Santa Monica Bay. The project enhances wildlife habitat and recreational areas through the use of treatment wetlands, education, walking trails and signage. Throughout the project, crews had to protect wildlife from harm, including nesting birds and the legless lizard. The estimated annual pollutant load reduction for this project is 91%. Using stormwater for irrigation reduces the potable water demand by approximately 2.8 million gallons annually.

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