LAX T6 Wolfgang Puck Food Court

Los Angeles

Owner Concessions Management Service (CMS)
Lead Designer SAGA Architecture
Contractor PCL Construction Services Inc.
Structural Engineer Parker Resnick Engineering
Mechanical & Plumbing Design/Builder Southland Industries
Electrical Engineer RE Wall & Associates
Consultants Lighting Ergonomics; TriMark RobertClark; Architectural Design Signs

Not only was the Wolfgang Puck Food Court delivered under budget and ahead of schedule, but the facility was constructed inside of a busy, fully operating airport terminal, with thousands of passengers and staff passing the jobsite every day.

The project included the build-out of a 2,700-sq-ft food court inside Terminal 6 at Los Angeles International Airport. Three separate food area spaces operate in conjunction with each other.

The PCL-led team relied upon past airport construction experience, using a design-build method to optimize design and mitigate impacts to airport operations. This approach helped when the project location, which sits directly above terminal baggage handling operations and airline operations offices, was examined. In order to mitigate impacts to these spaces, crews routed utilities around them as much as possible, electing to go overhead instead of below the slab.

Because all three of the food court spaces were connected, the design-build team was able to minimize the number of utilities that needed to be run by combining them into single utilities serving all three spaces whenever possible.

Another interesting challenge that had to be overcome was finding room to build in the crowded terminal. This meant every square foot of the new kitchen had to be maximized. To get extra space, the team coordinated with building engineers to step down the voltage of the electrical feeds for the space to eliminate the need for transformers within the area.

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