AECOM announced Aug. 10 that it has made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its global operations by 20%, normalized by revenue, by 2020, starting from a baseline year in 2015.

The company, which builds infrastructure assets in more than 150 countries for governments, businesses and organizations, reports revenue of approximately $18 billion during fiscal year 2015. To achieve the emissions reduction goal, the company says it will focus on its largest sources of emissions: fleet vehicle fuel, purchased electricity and heating/cooling for offices.

Establishment of the target follows the company’s commitment at a White House roundtable in 2015, along with other industry leaders, to collectively reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 5-million metric tons between 2008 and 2020.

"This target helps AECOM measure our progress managing our carbon footprint. Together with other leading companies, we recognize the business opportunity connected with this global effort," commented Josh Sawislak, global director of resilience. "This is more than just being a good corporate citizen. It's smart business to reduce our costs and position us for a sustainable future environmentally and financially."