Mini excavator: Runs on Diesel or Electric

The Cat 300.9D VPS Mini Hydraulic Excavator is able to run off its internal diesel engine or an external electrical power source, allowing it to work both outdoors and indoors. The excavator has a maximum digging depth of 5 ft, 8 in., and a maximum reach of 11 ft, 11 in. With an operating weight of 2,399 lb, the mini excavator can work in areas where low ground pressure is required.


Box level: Built-in LEDs Illuminate Bubble

The e95 UltraView series of box levels features ultraviolet LEDs on either side of the vial to better see the bubble meniscus. With precision milled edges and specially designed vials, the levels boast 0.029° of accuracy. High-strength, all-metal frames and shock-absorbing end caps reduce the chance of damage from drops. The levels are available in 24-in. and 48-in. lengths and in magnetic and non-magnetic modes.

Empire Level;

 Production Excavator: Tier 4 Final Engine

The Deere 870G LC is an 87-ton-class production excavator, intended for quarrying and heavy civil work. The excavator runs on a 512-hp engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. Particulate matter is burned inside the cylinder, so the engine can meet Tier 4 Final without the need for a diesel particulate filter. Multiple productivity modes allow the operator to select the best engine performance and hydraulic flow for the required task.

Deere Construction & Forestry Division;

Surface Planer: Suited for Resurfacing Sidewalks

The SP8/GH9HP Surface Planer is well suited for preparing floor surfaces for new coatings, removing cold plastic markings and milling misaligned sidewalks and joints. The planer has a cutting width of 8 in. and a maximum cutting depth of 5⁄8 in. With the wheels located behind the cutting head, the SP8/GH9HP can work within 31⁄4 in. of a vertical wall surface. It is powered by a 9-hp, four-stroke Honda gas engine. It has a welded steel-plate frame for added durability.

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