Engine Oil
Blended with a Partial Synthetic Base Stock
Castrol Hypuron S is a high-performance partial synthetic diesel engine oil designed for heavy-duty engines. It provides good performance and protection for engines while enhancing component and equipment life, lowering maintenance costs and increasing profitability. The progressive formulation of Castrol Hypuron S meets the newest specifications from both Mack and Caterpillar. Formulated with low ash technology, it minimizes oil consumption, reduces piston deposit formation and increases oil film strength. BP Lubricants USA Inc.; 800/777-1466; www.castrol.com/us

Product Trowels
Operator Comfort In Mind
Two ride-on power trowels, the Bartell HS90 and Bartell LP95, feature high back support, removable armrests and adjustable-height foot pedals and steering handles. The HS 90 is an overlapping high-speed finishing trowel. It has dual five-blade trowels and is capable of 240 rpm. The LP95, a non-overlapping, lightweight panning trowel features dual four-blade trowels and is capable of 180 rpm. Path widths are 89.25 in. and 92.75 in., respectively. Terex Light Construction; 803/324-3011; www.terex.com

Cab Chassis Line
Two Configurations with Numerous Options
H & H Sales Company  Inc.; 800/551-9341; www.hhsalescompany.com

Digital Measuring Tools
Easy To Learn
The Builder Series digital measuring tools are aimed at all types of contractors in the building sector who have  been reluctant to use professional measuring instruments.They provide a scalable line of solutions, all sharing a common user interface and software routines, making it easy to move up from one model to the next without having to learn new operating procedures. Leica Geosystems; 770/326-9540; www. leica-geosystems.com

Cold Planner
The 404 cold planer for backhoe loaders offers independent self-leveling for constant planing depth and 130� of rotation. Manual depth control allows planing as much as 5 in. deep. Drum width is 18 in. The optimal drum bit pattern and 48 standard all-purpose conical bits equip the planer for maximum cutting performance. The 404 is also fitted with a direct-drive, variable-speed hydraulic motor. Caterpillar; 309/675-8995; www.cat.com

The Knapheide KUV Series cab chassis line is designed for service bodies. They can be used in construction, plumbing, heating, HVAC and handyman work. The cab chassis line is available in two configurations, the KUVCC (for standard pick-up styles: regular, extended, and crew cabs) and KUVLCF (for cab over/tilt cab truck units). Standard features include KnapTight double panel rear cargo doors that lock and seal into the body frame and two conduit chutes to transport copper pipes, PVC and conduit.