High-performance Glove
Shock-Absorbing Pads
New high-performance glove line features three distinct, sleek styles. One style to be introduced this spring is Framer’s heavy-duty glove, which is designed for framing and building professionals. It is made of premium grain goatskin with a half-finger first, second and thumb making it easy for exposed fingers to work with fasteners and other small parts. The glove’s design combines hand protection with a better sense of touch and features reinforced palm patches, shock-absorbing knuckle padding and a spandex back. Illinois Glove Co.; 800/342-5458; www.illinoisglove.com

Safety Supervisor
Project Management Tool
Company offers an electronic system for managing all aspects of project safety for construction companies across the U.S. This new eSolution will allow project safety engineers to have immediate access to all project data and information, as well as everyone within the company that may need access to such data for management, insurance and claims in real time through a high-security web-based application that is easy to use. Construction Safety Software Corp.; 877/726-9016; www.csscsystems.com

Evacuation Doors
Aluminum or Steel Construction
A line of JD and JD-AL emergency evacuation doors provide egress from underground platforms and tunnels in emergency situations. To facilitate a safe escape in emergency situations, they are equipped with a stainless steel panic lock and compression spring operators for smooth, easy operation, says the maker. Additional features include handrails to aid emergency egress as well as custom interior and exterior signage. The doors are reinforced for AASHTO H20 wheel loading and come in a number of modifications to meet the requirements of any transit system.
Bilco Co.; 203/934-6363; www.bilco.com

Easy To Install
Manufacturer develops a new firestopping technology, the FlameSafe FlowTrak system. It is designed for applications into head-of-wall joints between the top of fire resistive gypsum wall and floor/roof assemblies. It provides a faster, cleaner, simpler and more accurate alternative to conventional stuff and spray technique, the company says. In addition, FlowTrak is an easy-to-install, easy-to-inspect, durable head-of-wall firestopping solution that allows full unrestricted dynamic movement between the drywall and ceiling surface. It also provides solid coverage, which makes it easier to inspect and visually confirm proper installation without the need for destructive testing or sampling. Grace Construction Products; 617/876-1400; www.graceconstruction.com

Safety Strap
Loop Design
This suspension trauma safety strap helps relieve the negative effects of suspension trauma. It allows the worker, who is suspended, to stand up in the harness to relieve the pressure. The strap is easily installed to most harness sizes, styles and brands. To attach, simply choke the pack around the harness web at the hip. After a fall, the packs are quickly unzipped deploying the web loop and hook strap. The continuous loop design allows for either one or two-foot suspension relief without pinching. DBI/SALA & Protecta; 800/328-6146; www.dbisala.com

Warning Device
Detects over 100 Gases
Model X-am7000 is a new portable multi-gas warning instrument that is used for monitoring tasks in the water and wastewater, oil and gas, chemicals and offshore industries, and more. The device can be fitted with three electrochemical and two infrared optical or catalytic sensors and can simultaneously measure up to five gases. A choice of over 25 sensors allows detection of more than 100 gases and vapors. Draeger Safety Inc.; 412/787-8383; www.draeger-safety.com

Revolution Harness
Ergonomic Advantages
A new concept in full-body harness design is based on key, user-identified needs. The Revolution harness features seven unique components. One is the PivotLink Connection. Its unique rotary design provides comfort in bending and mobility, a better ergonomic fit with a unique hip rotation point as well as an attachment point for belts and tools. Miller Fall Protection; 800/873-5242; www.bacou-dalloz.com

Safety Arm Attachment
Designed for Post Driver Units
The new SM-0011-SAA safety arm attachment is designed to enhance post driver operator safety when driving posts into the ground. It is now standard on the company’s new post driver units and can also be fitted on existing units already in the field. The spring-loaded, steel attachment will safely hold a post in the unit at full impact and work with nearly any kind of post, from the smallest round post to large railroad ties. The operator can stand at the required 45û angle, away from the front of the post driver, from start to finish. Use of the safety arm attachment also enables the user to drive a post even straighter than before, says the maker.
Shaver Manufacturing Co.; 712/859-3293; www.shavermfg.com

Clamp-On Guardrails
No Drilling
The new SurShield guardrail clamping system allows contractors to quickly erect freestanding, OSHA-compliant guardrail systems on concrete decks without drilling. It is designed for slab structures up to 11 in. thick and can be used for projects ranging from multifamily housing and commercial building to highway and bridge construction. The worker simply secures the bottom leg under the concrete ledge, lifts the adjustment ring and tightens the device in place with an integral tension bolt. The steel component SurShield guardrail clamp incorporates the proven design of the high-impact polymer Safety Boot allowing a fast build out of railings and toeboards using construction grade 2X4s, according to the maker.
Safety Maker Inc.; 800/804-4741; www.safetyboot.com

Unlimited Configurations
Called the Navigator Barricade, this pedestrian delineation device is made to assist pedestrians with a safe and accessible route through construction work zones or other public rights-of-way that have been temporarily altered. The components simply snap together; no assembly tools are required. They can create up to 90û angles and when disassembled, the units are stackable for easy transportation and storage. They also meet all criteria under ADA, Draft Guidelines for Accessible Public Right-of-Way. Plastic Safety Systems Inc.; 800/662-6338; www.plasticsafety.com