Interchangeable Jaw Sets

Manufacturer is now offering 11 sizes of the MT Series Multi-Tool attachment for all types of demolition, scrap processing, concrete foundation removal, concrete processing and many other applications. Models range from the MT 5 to the MT 180 and will accommodate any make and model carrier of 5,000 lb and up. The Multi-Tool features dual-moving jaws and continuous 360� rotation. It comes in many configurations due to the modular design’s acceptance of pin-on, interchangeable jaw sets. Allied-Gator Inc.; 330/744-0808;

Works Within Tight Spaces
Manufacturer introduces the Link-Belt 80 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator. This new addition to the Spin Ace product line opens opportunities for working within tight spaces while increasing the ability to maneuver safely and productively with its boom that has a swing radius of 130�. The machine has an operating weight of 18,400 lb and a tail swing of approximately 5 ft, 4 in. LBX Company LLC; 859/245-3927;

One Step Tool
Finds Studs With One Pass
MultiScanner OneStep is a new product that takes all the guesswork out of locating the best place to drill or nail into a stud, the maker says. It features the company’s CenterVision technology that allows the user to pinpoint the stud center with just one pass. The MultiScanner OneStep is a three-in-one tool that locates studs, joists, metal and rebar. For safety, it includes AC WireWarning to alert the user to the presence of hot electrical wires. It also has an easy to read, back-lit LCD screen. Zircon Corp.; 800/245-9265;

Leather Work Gloves
Heavy-Duty Outside Jobs

The Ironclad Ranchworx leather work glove is designed for use in heavy-duty outdoor applications such as heavy equipment operation, plumbing/HVAC, forestry and more. It is made of genuine Bullwhip leather that is highly durable, flexible and breathable, the maker says. The Ranchworx glove has a ComboCuff with hidden velcro that allows the user to choose a snug or loose fit as well as 4 x 4 flexible and vented rubber protection over the knuckles and fingers. Ironclad Performance Wear; 310/577-5820;

Gold-Wall and Gold-Guard foundation perimeter insulation have been added to Arcom’s Product Masterspec Program, part of a master specification system for design professionals in the building and construction industry. Gold-Wall is an insulation system for the interior side of exterior block or masonry walls. It is factory made with galvanized steel furring strips embedded directly into the product and a polymeric laminate applied to each panel face. Gold-Guard FPI is designed for foundation perimeter and sub slab applications. Plymouth Foam Inc.; 800/669-1176;