Utility Loader
Post Hole-Digging and Shallow Trenching
Toro Dingo; 800/344-8676; www.toro.com/dingo

Multi-Purpose Power

American Eagle Accessories Group, a division of Stellar Industries Inc.; 641/923-2425; www.americaneagleacc.com

Polyethylene Matting System
Offers Temporary Surface

Bravo mat system is a highly versatile temporary surface for access and staging over soft soils or delicate surfaces. The mats are made of highly durable, yet light-weight thermoplastic formulation that can be configured in multiple patterns for a virtually unlimited variety of practical uses. The mats are 48 in. x 48 in. and weigh 50 lb each. They include four integrated twist lock fasteners retained within the unit, and require a hex head wrench to lock the mats in place. SOLOCO LLC; 877/692-7286; www.bravomat.com

Gas Pipe System
On Reels

OmegaFlex Inc.; 800/671-8622; www.omegaflex.com

Pipeline Tool Lifter
Works Like A Dolly
McElroy Manufacturing Inc.; 918/836-8611; www.mcelroymfg.com


Powered by a 13-hp Honda air-cooled gasoline engine, the new Dingo TX 413 compact utility loader is equipped with a Toro-patented control system. This feature, combined with a joystick that controls all attachment movement, makes the unit easy-to-operate for both experienced and first-time users, the manufacturer says. The Dingo TX 413 offers a 420-lb lift capacity and 360� visibility. Hydraulic attachments are powered by a three-pump system. This hydraulically driven power system, called Genesis, mounts to the bed of a mechanic service truck close to the bulkhead. It combines a generator, air compressor and welder in one unit. The system is completely self-contained, with a remote control that can be located at the rear of the truck or in a tool compartment for on-ground operation. TracPipe PS-II is an improved version of the maker’s underground gas piping system. It is designed for a wide variety of gas piping applications, including under building slabs where sleeved and vented piping is required by codes. The lightweight and flexible PS-II is constructed from OmegaFlex standard TracPipe stainless steel flexible gas pipe within a fully vented polyethylene sleeve for safety. The product is supplied in standard lengths on reels or custom lengths. The patented AutoFlare fittings feature a plastic containment coupling and 1�4-in. NPT vent port. A new device for pipeline workers is designed to aid in the lifting and moving of polyethylene pipe in the field. This hand-operated tool, known as the PolyPorter, is used much like a dolly and is intended for pipe up to 8 in. in diameter. The tool has all-steel construction, with a corrosion-resistant coating. It has pneumatic tires for ease of maneuverability over rocky terrain and a roller to allow pipe to traverse easily through the hook-arm.