Kaba Mas manufactures locking solutions for all levels of container security; from mechanical locks to battery-operated locks or to patented self-powered locks. The Kaba LC Series low-current battery lock is primarily used for home/gun safes, but also is applicable for any safe or commercial container in a number of other environments, including retail and fast-food outlets. The series offers buyers a choice of two models with different housing and finish options. 888/950-4715. Kaba Mas Corp., Lexington, Ky. www.kaba-mas.com

The VingCard Persona lockset is a battery-operated, stand-alone unit that reads programmable keycards and requires no wiring from locks to a centralized computer system. All electronics and batteries are mounted inside the metal casing. The lock employs a three-tiered operating mode of passage, card-only or card-plus-PIN code. The device offers an owner or contractor the flexibility to tailor security according to specific needs, ranging from building-to-building, room-to-room or door-to-door. 800/481-VING. VingCard Persona, New Haven, Conn. www.vingcardpersona.com

Siedle Multi is a complete video/telecommunications system designed specifically to allow building automation systems to be integrated into large residential and commercial applications. System features include multiple and simultaneous video monitoring of Siedle/non-Siedle video cameras and Caller ID with call different-iation (distress/alarm). 800/874-3353. Siedle Communication Systems of America LLC, Broomall, Pa. www.siedleusa.com

AMICO Security Mesh is designed to act as a penetration barrier behind gypsum wallboard. Security Mesh has been installed in a wide variety of projects including correctional facilities, banking institutions, retail centers, federal buildings, museums and pharmacies. The design of AMICO's Secura Clip provides the project contractor with easier installation of the mesh and also increases the strength of the barrier. 800/366-2642. Alabama Metal Industries Corp., Birmingham. www.amico-securityproducts

Edwards Systems Technology has extended the architecture of its multiplex EST3 life safety platform to include security and access control functions. The company states that the new Synergy Enabled product offering represents the first time security and access control functions have been UL-listed to coexist with fire alarm functions with a common system architecture. 800/226-2333. Edwards Systems Technology, Sarasota, Fla. www.est.net

Bilco's Lumivent is an International Building Code-compliant fire vent with the added benefits of a skylight, designed to maximize fire containment and life safety and minimize damage and material loss. Fire vents improve visibility inside the building and by their nature work to restrict the spread of fire across the floor. 203/934-6363. The Bilco Co., New Haven, Conn. www.bilco.com

Porta-King Building Systems' Vision towers provide unobstructed sight lines in security areas. The towers create a raised platform that stands between 4 and 15 ft above grade level. Ideal applications include sporting and public events and hospital, campus or arena parking areas. The company can supply the entire mezzanine, stair and booth structure from design and construction to installation. 314/291-400. Porta-King Building Systems, St. Louis. www.portaking.com

The Tattletale portable alarm combines a motion detector, cellular transmitter, keypad, siren, strobe, battery backup and tamper sensor. Tattletale can protect up to a 2000-ft perimeter around construction sites and other remote locations from the theft of tools, equipment and materials. Other applications include military installations, water towers, power plants, airplane hangers, marinas, bridges, warehouses, offices, stores and national parks. 888/TELL.ON.U. Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems Inc., Columbus, Ohio. www.tattletalealarm.com

Winsted Corp. has introduced a line of consoles designed for LCD panels and compact room installations. This console is well suited for the flat screen monitors used in command and control centers, security systems, traffic management, network operating centers, and broadcast control rooms. Its space-saving console depth of 18 1/2 in. affords one of the smallest footprints in the industry, according to the manufacturer. All components are interchangeable. 952/944-9050. The Winsted Corp., Minneapolis, Minn. www.winsted.com

Blastec, an explosion-resistant waste receptacle from RPI, consists of an inner liner and outer shell. The space between these layers is filled with a shock-attenuating material so that explosions are vented directly upwards, reducing shrapnel injury to bystanders. Blastec can withstand blasts generated by up to an equivalent of 1.65 pounds of TNT. RPI's line of furniture for public spaces combines steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass and upholstery to produce furnishings for shopping centers, airports, health facilities, colleges, museums, parks, hotels and banks. 989/635-7465. RPI, Marlette, Mich. www.rpiweb.com