Visitors to Engineering News-Record’s Website,, can now view a ranking of the Top 60 Contractors and Top 60 Design Firms in China. The list sets a number of firsts. This is the first time that ENR has been involved in a ranking of industry firms in a country outside the United States and the first time we have partnered on a ranking with another publication.

The publication is Construction Times, a well-respected construction industry newspaper based in Shanghai. The ranking appeared in Construction Times on Nov. 29 with a series of articles on the Chinese construction market and its largest firms. It was the first time the newspaper has published information of this kind. ENR began working with Construction Times in 2003. We found that we have much in common, providing the construction industry with news and information to help our readers become more successful.

Engineering News-Record has been ranking industry firms for 40 years. Our first ranking, The Top 400 Contractors, was first published in 1964. Since then, we have developed rankings for design firms, specialty contractors, owners, international contractors and international design firms–all now on click here to view top chinese design firms and top chinese contractors.

Readers in the U.S. and around the world have told us time and again that our rankings are useful to them. They use the lists to better understand how their companies are growing compared to their competitors. They also use the lists to demonstrate to owners that they have expertise in different market sectors.

We use a simple measure–the revenue that firms earn in a particular year. Our ranking does not measure the quality of a firm’s work or its profitability. We use revenue earned because it is an objective measure, and one that allows companies to compare their volume of business to that of other companies.

Those who compete with Chinese companies in the global market and in China surely will find the new lists of interest. We hope the new rankings will be a valuable addition to the information available to everyone about China’s industry.

ENR will begin the 2005 survey process early next year. click here for the survey schedule and other information.