Pumped Up
It was with a great deal of pride that I read your story, "Engineers Place Pipeline That Follows Troops Into Iraq" (ENR 3/11 p 13). My company designed, tested and fielded the system in the mid-1980s and was the System Integrator to the Project Manager-Petroleum & Water Logistics for some 12 years. We also ran a system training site at Fort Pickett, Va.

The system is comprised of high-pressure pipeline and 800-gpm mainline pump stations and low-pressure storage, receipt and dispensing modules called Tactical Petroleum Terminals. Originally, each was designed for specific locations and differed based on the terrain.

However, during Operation Desert Storm, more flexibility and mobility was needed than the large packages based on specific areas. About 112 miles of pipeline was installed using lightweight aluminum joints that have a high-pressure snapover grooved coupling for quick joining. But the more valuable assets were the 210,000-gallon-capacity fabric tanks and 600-gpm hoseline pumps that allowed several million gallons to be gathered via commercial trucks, then dispensed into military refuelers. Willbros sent contractor personnel to Saudi Arabia two days after the Iraqis invaded Kuwait and remained for some 16 months providing support during the conflict and for cleanup.

With great foresight, the PM-PWL had the system repackaged into flexible, intermodal containers and in smaller units. Everything now moves as a twenty-foot equivalency unit (TEU) from storage to truck, ship or rail. Thus, they arrive in the field the same way they left storage, without opening or repacking and fully protected through the trip.

We would like to recognize the contribution many patriotic people have made to this effort over the years.

Vice President
Wilbros Operating Services Inc.
Tulsa, Okla

Not There
In its march 24 edition, ENR reported on the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) national convention in San Diego (ENR 3/24 p. 16). Unfortunately the photo caption in this story was incorrect. It said: "Carpenters’ union pickets open-shop group’s convention in San Diego." There were no union pickets at the convention. The photo was taken at a San Diego jobsite. In addition, ABC is not an "open-shop group." ABC’s philosophy is merit shop. ABC welcomes all sectors of the industry that share our free enterprise philosophy that construction contracts should be awarded based on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

Only Engineers
In your article, "troops and equipment: Good to Go," and again in your editorial, ENR consistently referred to U.S. Army engineer organizations as "engineering" units (ENR 3/24 p. 10, 68). Example: "130th Engineering Brigade." No! The units and the soldiers in them each go by the title "engineer." Just as you do not write "Army Corps of Engineering," please do not add the "ing." The term "engineer" says it all.