Southern Constructors Inc. of Knoxville, Tenn., is building a new equalization tank for the Gatlinburg Wastewater Treatment Plant, replacing the structure where a 40-ft. wall collapsed last year, killing two workers.

The $1.59-million job, which started on Sept. 19 and is due for completion in April, includes a one-million-gallon prestressed-concrete equalization tank, mixing and aeration equipment, odor-control system, piping and sitework.

McGill Associates, Sevierville, the engineer for the project, also will serve as construction contract administrator and construction inspector, said Dale Phelps, Gatlinburg utilities manager. McGill’s contracts now total $193,100.

In addition, Danco Inc., Knoxville, has a $925,000 contract for a new operations building to replace the one that was displaced by the equalization-tank construction. It will add a second story and renovate an existing administration building, Phelps said. Work started on Nov. 5 and will be completed in June.

John Eslinger and Don Storey were killed in April 2011 when the tank wall collapsed onto the flow control building where they were working, an incident later blamed on construction flaws.

A third worker, Michael Wells, an employee of NEO Corp., Canton, N.C., was killed on Feb. 23 during demolition of the equalization tank.