A company that provides data for environmental site assessments has completed a major upgrade to improve report production.

Consultants preparing Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments use data from federal, state and local databases to spot environmental issues affecting target properties. In most states about 35 data sets need to be searched to evaluate a property. Environmental Data Resources Inc., Southport, Conn., offers data collection to speed the work.

In May, EDR said it enhanced its database and foundation basemap to incorporate more detail and elevation data than before. Robert Barber, chief operating officer, says it also taps six new data sets, including U.S. Dept. of Defense sites and radon data reports. New bookmarks and hyperlinks make the electronically delivered reports easier to navigate and review, Barber says.

Features shown on maps and described include sensitive nearby areas, waterways, major roads and National Public List site boundaries such as Superfund sites, wetlands, coal and gas sites, oil and gas lines, powerlines, flood zones and earthquake epicenters. A standard 1-mile radius report sells for $125.

One client, Chuck Merritt, vice president of Merritt Engineering, Bayside, Queens, N.Y., says he is particularly pleased with the ease of receiving reports by e-mail and extracting in- formation. "It's user friendly. Everything is e-mailed back and forth.

It's essentially paperless," Merritt says. Information is at www.edrnet.com.