This $19.7-million Caltrans project creates a new concrete barrier within the median and a resurfaced freeway on one of the most traveled and worst areas of freeway in California. It is located on Highway 80 in Solano and Napa counties in and near Vallejo, from east of the Tennessee Street overcrossing to American Canyon.

Vallejo Highway 80 Median Widening

The scope of work involved a median freeway widening and repave with asphalt. The project team also replaced the existing thrie-beam guardrail with a new concrete median barrier, installed all new median drainage, built three retaining walls totaling approximately 2,200 lineal ft, and grinded and rehabilitated the existing roadway and overlay with 22,000 tons of open graded asphalt, 40,000 tons of asphalt and 35,000 tons of rubberized asphalt.

The existing freeway median on this section of Highway 80 consisted of various combinations of metal beam guard rail, aggregate shoulders, landscape, and existing asphalt sections over concrete in various stages of repair. The project design ultimately provided a uniform median configuration that enhanced safety, usability, and aesthetics and significantly improved maintenance issues.

The project team was able to use recycled material and to recycle in its processes. Recycled tires were used for rubberized asphalt in the paving process. Other materials were also used onsite, rather than being off-hauled, preserving the environment without the additional truck traffic and pollution, but also saving time and money.

Project Team

Developer/Owner: Caltrans, Sacramento
General Contractor: O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc., Berkeley
Engineering Design: Caltrans, Sacramento