On April 1, the Construction Specifications Institute posted for comment on its Website the draft proposal for a major revision of its MasterFormat specifications system.

The changes are being considered to address evolving computer and communications technology needs, as well as to try to develop a new standard specification format for civil engineering by creating entirely new divisions for that use.

With minor changes, the 16-division system has served since 1963 as the organizational framework for commercial construction documentation. The proposed revision would expand it to 40 divisions, with 20 held in reserve. It also would break up and redistribute materials in two sections, Mechanical, Div. 15, and Electrical, Div. 16, into a group of new divisions containing expanded content for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Two new divisions, Communications, and Life Safety and Facility Protection would be opened.

The draft can be examined and commented on at www.CSINET.org.