Defense Dept. environmental restoration is set to ramp up in the current base realignment and closure round. In its latest report on annual environmental programs, sent to Congress March 24, the Pentagon estimates that cleanup spending at its sites will jump from $352.8 million in fiscal 2005 to $563.5 million in 2006, then dip to $552.8 million in 2007.

The Navy has the largest requirement for BRAC cleanup appropriations, with a 2006-2007 total of $581 million. The Army’s estimate is $250 million over that span, while the Air Force’s share could hit $268 million.

The report estimates that environmental restoration at BRAC installations will cost $3.8 billion from 2006 until completion. That includes $1.6 billion for Army work, $1.3 billion for Air Force projects and $904 million for the Navy.