A company that has reviewed and evaluated software for construction-industry clients since 1986 has launched a free Website to match products to contractors’ needs.

"You could say it’s like a software dating service," says Sheldon Needles, president of Computer Training Services Inc., Rockland, Md. "There was next to no useful information out there about construction software."

The website, at www.ctsguides.com, has reviews of 14 software packages for everything from payroll to project management. "You tell us your company’s needs and we match you up with software that best meets them," says Needles.

Users register and provide details including company size, budget and requirements. CTS delivers a list of products, along with in-depth evaluations and comparisons. It also passes leads to the vendors.

Toni Allen, business manager for Oviedo, Fla.-based K & L Grading Inc., used CTS to search for project-management tools. "We’re looking for something up-to-date that is geared to construction," Allen says. "We’re still looking, but it helped to read the reviews and talk to the vendors about what their software can do." Another user, Paul Sowder, CEO of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Summit Contractors, says, "Within a few days I was contacted by several vendors. It’s one-stop shopping. Companies sent me demos and gave me a lot of helpful information.…It’s a useful tool."