Financial contributions are being made by foundations such as Fluor and Caterpillar to a number of organizations that are at work to deal with the crisis. The Fluor Foundation is making a $100,000 contribution to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. In past relief efforts, the company has matched employee contributions as they were made however, in light of the gravity of this situation, Fluor has proceeded with this advance matching contribution. The Caterpillar Foundation is committing $1 million in donations to be divided between the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Oxfam, and the Salvation Army and plans to match donations made by Caterpillar dealers by up to $2,000 per person.

The National Ground Water Association has developed an emergency well disinfection guide for use in the areas hit by the tsunami. The guide includes a very simplified procedure designed for people who have no expertise in wells to help with the restoration of water supplies.

European firms in a number of countries are assisting with relief efforts as well by lending their resources to help the affected countries. In addition to response by employees, London-based RWE Thames Water, Scottish Water, and Paris-based companies Veolia Enviroment and Suez Group have offered their services to increase the supply of drinkable water by donating treatment plants and tankers and sending experts to lend their services in the field.

Other European companies have also offered their services to the relief efforts by stating that they are ready and willing to help wherever needed. Companies such as these include the London design firms Mott MacDonald Group and Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick Co. Ltd. “The immediate requirements are for medicines food and water,” according to Colin Holmes, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick Co. Ltd.’s Sri Lanka manager in Colombo. “Over the next few days and weeks planning for rehabilitation and reconstruction will be developed. We have offered our office facilities and services generally to help in this respect,” he adds.

RedR, the U.K.-based register of specialist disaster volunteers, received requests from relief agencies for 20 people in the first week according to operations manager Wendy Tabuteau. “The biggest demand has been for water and sanitation engineers and logisticians,” Tabuteau adds.

Donations to the tsunami relief efforts can be made to the following organizations:
American Red Cross
The International Foundation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
The Salvation Army

ith knowledge of the destruction and loss of life caused by the tsunamis in Asia growing by the day, many U.S. and European businesses are doing all they can to help with the relief efforts, through financial donations and the lending of resources to aid with victims and clean-up alike.