President Bush has asked Congress for an additional $3.1 billion to assist hurricane recovery efforts in Florida. The request, sent to Capitol Hill on Sept. 14, comes just six days after Bush signed a bill providing $2 billion in disaster aid for the hurricane-battered state and other disaster-affected areas.

With Hurricane Ivan nearing Florida, the administration may seek still more relief funds. Office of Management and Budget Director Joshua Bolton told Bush, "Should it prove necessary, I will make further recommendations to you regarding the impact of this storm prior to final congressional action on the [Sept. 14] request."

Of the $3.1 billion, the Federal Emergency Management Agency would receive $2 billion, for financial help to individuals and families and to clean up and repair roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure. The Small Business Administration would get $457 million for disaster loans and the Housing and Urban Development Dept. would be allotted $150 million for community development grants to replace damaged housing and for economic redevelopment work.

The Corps of Engineers would get $118 million to restore navigation channels and coastal areas; and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration $126 million for repairs at the Kennedy Space Center, including $89 million to fix buildings and communications systems.