"I use my contacts and leverage," says Wilson Haney, president of HN Solutions. "I get the telephone company off the dime."

Haney says raw jobsites usually have no record with phone companies. It is often especially difficult to get service established. But phone companies pay Haney for bringing in new contracts, and because new construction usually results in many more lines later on, Haney also picks up good leads. His information, in turn, helps phone companies anticipate and plan for developing service requirements.

Eli Wright, project manager with Swinerton Builders in Denver, says Haney fills a need. He says otherwise establishing lines can take weeks of staff time. "It alleviates all of that work when we are trying to start a project," he says. Phone companies pay Haney after the line is working. "We don't pay him a dime," Wright says. "That's why he stays on top of it." See www.haneynetworksolutions.com for more information.

consultant in Denver, Colo., has developed a service to speed the installation of telecommunication lines to jobsites for contractors.