What do you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning of your career?

Spain How to control my temper, which God is still working on. He gives us all plenty of opportunities to practice.

Kudzia I never expected to stay in as long as I have, so I didn't know that retirement would be a huge thing. I do things better for my body, but it's still a hard day. I don't want to be an ironworker when I'm 60, but pensions have changed so much that I will have to work a lot longer than I expected.

Vacca It doesn't hurt to try something new.

Bajoria Architecture can be so volatile. A project can go on hold at any time. I'd tell myself, "Don't grasp at immediate results and be more flexible. Don't be as focused on the final product. The joy has to be in the process."

Crawford Don't be afraid to follow interesting opportunities. There are many paths to move up in your career.

">Luthin's Jessica Vogel You don't have to limit yourself to strict interpretations of a particular discipline, but that's how I thought it was. Seven years ago, when I graduated as an electrical engineer, I assumed I would be working at a desk. Instead, I spent a lot of my career in the field, coordinating work and consulting with clients on large solar programs. In my new job with Luthin, however, I will apply my knowledge base to advise clients on how to apply energy rebates to existing utility systems.

Leite I don't think academics are trained for the magnitude of what the job is. As a Ph.D. student, you focus in depth on one area, but as a professor you have teaching, research and service responsibilities. In my case, the research takes a lot of time, writing proposals, managing research contracts, managing students working on the research and writing.

Ponce So many things! One thing my mentors told me is that you've got to make sure you put cash away, so your bonding can keep growing. I said, "Oh, I'll be fine! We've got plenty of work!" It's not that I'm not successful, but I could be doing much more. My bonding capability is now $5 million. If I had done things differently, five years from now I could have been doing $25-million projects. But I still have 20 years to go to make it happen!