Construction's unemployment rate continues to rise, reaching 24.7% in January, its highest level since 2000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported.

BLS's latest monthly employment report, released on Feb. 5, shows that contruction's January jobless rate increased from 22.7% in December and 18.2% in January 2009.

Construction lost 75,000 jobs in January, bringing total jobs lost since December 2007 to 1.9 million.

Construction's 24.7% rate is the industry's highest since 2000, when BLS changed its system for classifying industries. The previous high was December's 22.7%.

Under BLS's pre-2000 classification method, construction's highest jobless rate since 1948 came in February 1983, when it reached 27.3%.

Construction Unemployment Rate
Month Rate in %
January 24.7%
December 22.7%
November 19.4%
October 18.7%
Spetember 17.1%
August 16.5
July 18.2
June 17.4
May 19.2
April 18.7
March 21.1
February 21.4
January 18.2
Note: Rates are not seasonally adjusted.
Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics