Of the 400 firms responding to the AGC survey, 68% said there has been at least one car or truck crash at a highway construction site where their company has worked. In addition, 29% say they have had workers injured in those accidents.

Moreover, 84% said motor-vehicle work zone crashes are a greater risk than they were more than a decade ago. 

Asked about ways to improve work zone safety, 94% of firms responding said a “greater police presence” on job sites would help, 765 recommended tougher laws, fines and legal penalties for moving violations on such sites and 94% called for stricter enforcement of existing laws. 

In addition, 66% said improved or more frequent safety training for construction workers would aid in reducing work zone crashes, fatalities and injuries. 

State DOTs around the country also have scheduled work zone safety events this week. John Horsley, American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials executive director, said, “Texting and other distractions have become a major concern. When you’re traveling at 50 or 60 miles per hour, it only takes a couple of seconds of distraction to cause major tragedy.”