A worker died and 15 others were injured when the partially-built roof of the De Grolsch Veste soccer stadium in Enschede, the Netherlands, collapsed around noon on July 7. Investigations by the municipality, the public prosecutor and others have started.

The accident occurred during a project, started this February, to add an additional tier of seats and roof to one section of the stadium. The facility, owned by the soccer club FC Twente, is approximately 160 km east of Amsterdam.

Steelwork subcontractor Voortman Staalbouw B.V., Rijssen, confirms that the worker that died was an employee named Dave Nijkamp. About 125 workers are involved with the project onsite.

A consortium of locally-based contractors Te Pas Bouw B.V. and Trebbe Bouw Oost & Noord B.V. with Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo B.V., Hengelo, is responsible for the project.

FC Twente had a second tier of seats added to two sides of its stadium in a project completed by a team including Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo two years ago. A third side of the stadium is now being similarly enlarged, raising the capacity to 30,000 seats.

Ahe third tier of seats will raise total seat numbers to 44,000. FC Twente’s lead designer is locally-based IAA Architecten.